10 January 2011

Meaningful Time with my Son Through Creativity

Almost a week has past since my last posting. This is not exactly the fresh start I had envisioned. I do  not think I could have ever anticipated the intensity this new year would bring, just a mere nine days in. At least I can proudly say that the past few days have been quite the opposite of the first four. My son has really been feeling well and very active. It has been such anCreative_Crayons amazing opportunity to engage with him. He has been playful and loving, full of laughs and smiles. While it made it difficult to stay focused on my commitment to myself to be more creative this year it was certainly a worthy reason. In reflecting on this though, in a sense though I was still being creative. I was creating a more cohesive, loving and intense bond with my son. We created new ways to play and communicate. We recognized and developed new skills while strengthening old ones.  I followed him around the house – over and over – as he is still mastering the art of walking. I was able to look at things from his eyes, his discoveries he made. It was incredible and it opened my eyes.

The fact that I was even able to recognize the opportunity for what it was and could be came from my own goal. While as parents we are always focused on our children – at times neglecting ourselves – it was through my creative focus that allowed me this beautiful opportunity. Yes, i would have played with him and done all the things I mentioned, but I would not have seen it in the manner I was blessed to.

Many people do not feel they have the ability to be creative. That is the beauty of  creativity – there are no limits or boundaries except for those we place upon ourselves. So I challenge you to embrace creativity this year. Nothing says it has to be tangible, it is from the heart. My time with my son the past few days is evidence of this philosophy. How did it make you feel just hearing the story? That is what being creative is about – sharing and bringing out emotional responses. Many of us are being creative without even being aware of that fact. How will your encounters with your children entice you to allow your creativity to blossom? You may see many things in a new and brighter light. What will you do to be creative today? 

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Thanks for reading my point of view!

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