04 January 2011

2011: I Call A Do-Over

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My absence yesterday and today have been related to issues with my son. He has stopped breathing 10 times in the past 32 hours. This is an unexplainable and recurring phenomenon. It wipes him out after the episodes and quite honestly, while I am calm and collected during the episodes - the aftermath is not. It is an adrenalin rush I could go without. The doctors call it apnea, I call it hell! 2011 is really off to a horrible start. Despite all my efforts to channel the negativity away it has seem to found a path to me. I refuse to let this drag me down this early in the year.

Not only has there been the year shaving off my life episodes with my son, but today our IFSP meeting was cancelled. This may not seem like such a big deal, except it is his last period, which will only last  3 1/2 months rather than the typical 6 months because he ages out when he turns 3. There are new rules in place effective this plan that prevent service from beginning so many days post IFSP meeting as well as a new elongated process for review to increase beyond the measly 6 hours per month you are alloted. When you have 5 different therapist working on your team That leaves very little time to divide up. I will be writing more on this topic in coming weeks. It will be about why I feel the early intervention system set-up by the IDEA Act is an epic fail for complex medical needs children based on my experiences with my son. It is certainly not the therapist, but the administration that make this such a disaster.

Finally our "dependable" vehicle broke down. I haven't had much time to look at it - as if I'm mechanically inclined, ummm no! I am creative and not very mechanical, I am a lefty after all. I also haven't been able to have anyone check it out. I fear it maybe the brake line according to one friends suggestion. It amazes me how cyclic bad luck can be. I will not -as I said before - let this horrible start set the tone for me and my family's 2011.
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